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1st International Meeting on Graphic Archaeology and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation

On behalf of the Organisation Comittee of the 1st International Meeting on Graphic Archaeology and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation ARQUEOLÓGICA 2.0, it is a pleasure to invite colleagues from all over the World to come to La Rinconada, Seville, Spain, from 17th to 20th June, 2009. This will be the first International meeting held in Spain, where researchers from Archaeology and Graphics fields will work together on Virtual Archaeology, concerning all its possibilities. The participation of well-known researchers on this field will shape a very interesting meeting.

The modern Cultural Center of Villa de La Rinconada and its Conference Hall will host archaeologists, historians, researchers, 3D developers, graphics programmers, students, and all those research groups interested in archaeology, applied infography, virtual reconstruction and cultural Heritage, by means of graphic digital tools.

An attractive and interesting schedule has been arranged for the Meeting. This event is being organised by the Spanish Society of Virtual Archaeology. S.E.A.V., in cooperation with several research groups of Spanish universities as well as specific companies.

ARQUEOLÓGICA 2.0 will analyze both the present and future of reconstruction and computer aided render techniques, applied to archaeological heritage and culture. The main aim is to offer an updated overview about the Archaeological of the XXI Century: research and development on virtual archaeology, performed and planned projects, new render techniques, development of new methodologies, and the cooperation of professionals from different fields, in order to encourage both knowledge and experience exchange.

The official languages are Spanish, English, French and Italian. Scientific communications and lectures can be held in any of those four languages. Simultaneous translation into Spanish and English will be provided at all sessions.

Information, applications and participation
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