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Cultural heritage online

Internet continues to have an impressive impact on the cultural heritage and humanist communities: on the way they work, use, exchange and produce knowledge. New architectures and radically different paradigms arise continuously, engendering a deep rethinking of traditional roles and tasks. Though a continuous increase in ICT use has been spreading in the cultural heritage community, this process is perhaps too slow for several cultural, economic and organizational reasons. Today it looks as though users are able to adapt to technological changes faster than our traditional cultural institutions. In fact, many users are able to modify the design of products and services, or influence the development of features and functions of existing and future applications. Museums, archives and libraries need to be more involved in the dialogue between ICT developers and users, beginning with the way cultural institutions create and share digital resources.

The conference will start with user needs and expectations, and how to better involve users and the cultural heritage community in creating digital libraries and sharing digital resources. The focus will not be on specific detailed technology aspects but rather on real benefits and practical opportunities, as well as on the limits and risks, for both users and institutions. The aim is to identify different user needs and expectations (e. g. of researchers, students, tourists and citizen), and to suggest how institutions and operators should best respond. To give a sense of focus to the meeting it will concentrate on the "user-institution" relationship in the development of cooperative Web 2.0 tools, and on sustainable digital preservation policies.

Main Topics

* Cultural heritage and interactive Web
* Digital libraries
* Digital humanities
* Cooperation among museums, archives, libraries
* Digital preservation

Who should attend

* Cultural heritage institutions administrators and curators
* Digital humanities researchers and students
* Cultural tourism operators
* Professional associations in the fields of museums, archives, libraries
* Funding agencies
* Technology providers and developers


More informationon the Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale Website.