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SCCH09 -- Scientific Computing & Cultural Heritage

Following the successful 1st SCCH conference in 2007, the Interdisciplinary center for Scientific Computing of the University Heidelberg invites authors and guests to the 2nd SCCH workshop in Heidelberg, Germany, November 16th-18th, 2009. The workshop is endorsed by the German Excellency Initiative and the Heidelberg Graduate School (HGS) and held in conjunction with the Heidelberg Modeling-Day on November 19th.

The main aim of this SCCH Event is to create a forum for discussions between the researchers of humanities and natural sciences as well as cultural heritage institutions. Our mission is to establish and strengthen interdisciplinary relations to provide and develop novel computing tools for experts in cultural heritage. The focus will be on applications for Cultural Heritage as well as the theoretical advances driving them.

Topics (include, but are not limited to):

  • 2D/3D reconstruction and modeling
  • Texture modeling
  • Reassembly of artifacts from fragments
  • Fully and semi-automated systems for Epigraphy
  • Archaeography (analysis of historical documents)
  • Computer Vision applications in Cultural Heritage
  • Volume-based analysis and visualizations (Computer Tomography)
  • Infrared and Spectral imaging and analysis
  • Advanced technical tools for experts in the field of cultural heritage
  • Museum applications
  • Presentation of cultural content with multimedia tools
  • Design methods for cultural heritage documentation systems and components
  • Archaeological applications
  • Shape representation for free-form modeling (statues, bones, etc.)
  • Excavation's historical documentation from multimedia data

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Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing
of the University of Heidelberg
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Oktavia Klassen

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