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PREMIS Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies

The issue of the preservation of repository content is essential, but in many cases there remain many unresolved issues. Which standards and tools can support repository managers in their work today? Are different standards and practices in preservation metadata consistent with the PREMIS (Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies) Data Dictionary? What are the reasons and benefits for implementing PREMIS? This event attempts to pave the way towards exchange of experience, collective recommendations, practical supports, tools and demonstrations; it will be also an opportunity to meet some important preservation projects supported and funded by the European Commission, such as: DPE, CASPAR, PLANETS. The event will close with aparticipatory discussion session.

The workshop aims at developing and spreading awareness and knowledge about metadata to support the long term preservation of digital objects, in particular it focuses on the PREMIS standard, which is managed by the PREMIS Editorial Committee in conjunction with the Library of Congress. PREMIS doesn't offer a comprehensive solution, but it moves institutions closer to implementation in addressing preservation metadata requirements for long term management of digital objects.

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