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15th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia VSMM 2009

Topics include:

COMPUTER VISION & VIRTUAL REALITY - VR technology, VR Content, VR Experience - Robotics, tele-operation - Mixed reality - Artificial life and dynamic worlds - Human interface and sensing - 3D modeling and interpretation - Immersive virtual environments - Infrared imaging and analysis - 2D/3D reconstruction - Texture modeling - Capture Technologies and Delivery Platforms - Projection Spaces - Stereoscopy and Panoramas

CULTURAL HERITAGE - Virtual Heritage: Cultural heritage interpretation and entertainment - Edutainment for Culture Heritage - Computer Vision for Cultural Heritage - Enhanced Environments and Locative Media - On-Demand: anytime, anywhere media computing - Cultural tourism - Speech and communication in cultural heritage - Virtual Heritage and Museum Environments - Virtual Reality in Archaeology and Historical Research - Social dimensions of Virtual Heritage

ART & ENTERTAINMENT - Media arts and creative technologies - Digital entertainment and performance - Traditional, Mobile, Location and Pervasive Gaming - Serious, Artistic, Commercial, Pedagogic Game Design - Human Factors/Human-Centered Design Issues - Collaborative Spaces and Environments - Innovative Applications of Technology in the Arts - Context-aware Environments and Devices - Application of Serious Gaming technologies - Playfulness and experience design - Digital performance - Digital Arts and Politics - Digital storytelling

EDUCATION - Education and remote classrooms - Effectiveness of VR for education - Life Long Learning - Collaborative Environments - E-medicine, E-learning, E-art - Social and Interactive Computing Applications - Immersive Learning Experiences

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Name : Robert Sablatnig and Martin Kampel (Conference Chairs)
Contact Email: